About this project

For Cloud Pets, we created the Toy Fi app which allows users to interact with their toy from a mobile device via bluetooth. We ported the app from iOS to Android, maintained and augmented the server back end, implemented the screens, designed a BLE layer to support the wide array of Android phones and hardware and also implemented a custom audio codec for handling voice transmission. We even made features still functional for those with a non-BLE device.

For server development, we used the Test Driven Development (TDD) methodology to validate and verify server functionality. We added new server endpoints to support multiple user profiles per user account, friends support, secure friend message sharing and also added job support to handle email verification and push notification.

Once the app was built, we created and managed the Google Play Store listing, its release, and its initial updates. The Cloud Pets toy and app were a huge success, being featured on the television show “The View” and named one of the hottest toys for the 2015 holiday season.

Mobile App Development, Server Development

Cloud Pets