Andrew Christoffersen

CTO, Tech

Andrew is a senior full-stack game developer and has worked in the games industry for over 12 years, from small mobile startups to large AAA studios. His past roles have ranged from being the lead developer on educational games licensed by the BC government, to a software engineer working for Nexon and Capcom, to running his own startup. He has worked on numerous iOS games and applications for some heavy hitters in the music industry, such as Warner Bros., Topsin, Univision and Rhino Records. With Capcom he was part of the team that released Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One launch. At Pocket Piñata Andrew splits his role between running the tech department and developing multiplayer Unity games.

On the side, Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist and one half of his band. Bringing both a musical and analytical view to everything he does, Andrew is constantly looking for ways to bend sound and break computers.

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